As a child, I spent my days in the drama club and the community theater, a far cry from the gym and the football field. In fact, as the years went by I developed a strong dislike for anything fitness related. I didn't fit in with the other boys at my (all-boys...ugh) high school. I felt intimidated in gym class when we had to lift weights or do sprints, so I convinced myself that I couldn't keep up - that I wasn't athletic and that feeling strong was for the jocks. 

Fast forward a few years. I found myself, like many actors, in need of a survival job. The local gym in my hometown (Redondo Beach, CA) was looking for swim instructors. I had grown up swimming at the beach, so I applied and got the job! It came with a free gym membership, which I was never going to use - or so I thought. 

For years thereafter, I taught kids to swim and avoided the gym. One day, a coworker asked me to workout with him. I said no, of course, but he persisted. So we worked out and, wouldn't you know it, I enjoyed myself. 

The years went by and I continued to go to the gym. I didn't know what I was doing so I just copied what the regulars did. Slowly but surely, I began to figure it out. I started to feel strong. My body changed. People I hadn't seen in awhile would ask, "Hey, have you been working out?" That question sealed the deal! I was hooked. The gym - this place that had terrified me for years - had become a place of comfort and encouragement. Amazing.

So now, here I am, living in NYC. I'm still an actor, but now I have a certification as a Personal Trainer from The National Academy of Sports Medicine and a real desire to help people who think how I used to think - that looking and FEELING great are for someone else.

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